Race & Human Rights Reimagined

The Promise Institute for Human Rights at UCLA School of Law has produced a new resource page on Race & Human Rights Reimagined to build on ongoing work that seeks to advance critical thinking about the role of human rights in achieving racial justice and equality. Bringing together expertise in human rights, Critical Race Theory, and Third World Approaches to International Law, the project strives to uncover how race and empire operate within the international human rights system, while exploring the potential of law to dismantle national and trans-national structures of racial and colonial subordination.

The page is intended to be a resource for students, practitioners and scholars who are interested in thinking critically about race and human rights. It features a new report on Trans-National Re-Imaginings based on a series of convenings on ‘Race, Empire, and Human Rights’ at UCLA Law School over recent years. The resource page also contains a series of factsheets on global racial justice issues; recordings of events and discussions on topics such as ‘Race, Extractivism & Human Rights’ and ‘Race, Tech & Borders’; as well as links to a special journal issue on Race & Empire in International Law at the Intersection of TWAIL & CRT (which we also featured previously here on the TWAIL Review).