Perpetua Akoth Adar ~ Space and the Future of Humanity: A TWAIL Critique of International Space Law and Space Discourse

(2022) 3 TWAIL Review 92-115
ISSN 2563-6693
Published under a Creative Commons licence

There is growing concern over different areas in the space sector, particularly as more rockets and satellites are being launched into space, and our dependency on space technology increases. New technologies, national ambitions and investments, and private space actors are some of the many variables propelling space activities forward. With increased space activities, there are also emerging and aspirant space actors joining from Latin America, Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia. International Space Law (ISL) needs to develop to respond to current and future activity. This article uses Third World Approaches to International Law (TWAIL) to analyse space discourse and the ISL regime. Specifically, the author uses three TWAIL techniques to reveal the ways in which space discourse and the ISL regime manifest coloniality. Although ISL as revealed by TWAIL analytical critique seems dire, the author offers areas for reform and resistance. The author submits that a TWAIL sensibility offers potential areas of research in the pursuit of a just world on earth and for the future of humanity in space.