TWAILR Editorial Collective ~ ‘A Journal for a Community’

2020) 1 TWAIL Review 7-13
ISSN 2563-6693
Published under a Creative Commons licence

Our purpose in creating TWAILR is to provide a space for critical scholars, mainly from the global South and their allies oriented to the South, to participate in the project of international law, produce knowledge creatively through interdisciplinarity, and push our discipline towards becoming genuinely emancipatory, egalitarian, and international. To enable this, we have eschewed some publication conventions. To remain as accessible and readable as possible, particularly to those in the global South, we do not operate under the auspices of any publishing house. TWAILR is wholly online, without a parallel print publication and committed to remaining openly accessible and without any subscription cost. While TWAILR begins as an English language publication, it will diversify to other languages when the platform establishes itself and our resources grow. We have an accountable and non-hierarchical organizational structure wherein the editorial collective represents different regions, genders and scholarly paths. The editorial collective will rotate its members from among the TWAIL network. To reflect the plurality of Third World approaches, the editorial collective incorporates perspectives from across the fields of Third Worldist, Marxist and feminist thought, postcolonialism and decoloniality, Indigenous studies and critical race theory, and more.