TWAIL-related commentary on the coronavirus pandemic

artwork by Gerardo La Porta

We are compiling a running list of commentary on the Covid-19 pandemic from perspectives and sensibilities broadly relevant to third world approaches to international law (listed below in chronological order). Please feel free to send us any suggestions of TWAIL-related material for inclusion by email to

  • Matiangai Sirleaf, ‘COVID-19 and the Racialization of Diseases’ (Part I & Part II), Opinio Juris, 7 April 2020
  • Ntina Tzouvala, in conversation with Dimitrios Kourtis, ‘TWAIL discourse in the context of the current crisis’, University of Nicosia School of Law Podcast “COVID-19: Καθεστώς Εξαίρεσης;” (“Covid-19: State of Exception?”), 20 April 2020

Other series and ongoing collections with regular commentaries on Covid-19

  • Jadaliyya podcast series: Politics in the Time of Corona
  • CoronaJournal: online journal chronicling life with the corona pandemic
Surreal HK (Tommy Fung), ‘New type of mask or new type of infection? 新型口罩定係新型感染病 ?’