Pakistan Floods: Appeal for Donations

Flooding in Pakistan has created a new 100km-wide inland lake. Image of Sindh province, August 28, NASA MODIS satellite sensor.

In the last few weeks, Pakistan has suffered unprecedented flooding due to global climate apartheid.

Pakistan contributes to less than 1 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions but approximately one third of the country has been submerged as a result of a changing global climate. The poorest that have contributed least to environmental change have been most affected by the actions and inactions of those in power. Thousands have lost their lives, livelihoods, homes, and heritage as entire towns and villages have been swept away and destroyed.  

Please contribute to civil society organisations that are working tirelessly to help those affected. This document by Zoya Rehman (@pind_wave) lists organization and organisers working locally. Amongst them, some of the most trusted organisations accepting international donations include the socialist feminist organization Women Democratic Front, and MADAT Balochistan led by Maryam Jamali. Details for making donations are in the preceding document link.

Please donate what you are able to and share this announcement across your networks.

~ Ahmed Raza Memon, Lecturer, Cardiff University, School of Law and Politics