From Allende to Gaza – Claiming the Agency of the People

A recording of a talk by Shahd Hammouri at the TNI symposium on ‘Revisiting the Past, Shaping the Future’ in Amsterdam on 14 October 2023.

Hammouri speaks about how the words of former Chilean president Salvador Allende specifically give agency to peoples around the world and links them to the ongoing Palestinian struggle for liberation and self-determination.

Listen to the talk here:

“Ethical loneliness is the result of multiple lapses on the part of the human being and political institutions in failing to listen well to the survivors, to deny them redress by negating their testimony and thwarting their claim to justice.”

Read Shahd Hammouri’s TWAILR: Reflection on ‘Revisiting Allende’s 1972 Speech at the United Nations General Assembly: Histories Repeated with a Twist‘.